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EasyFLYSAT – BACKHAUL Compact Portable Satellite Terminal EasyFLYSAT – Backhaul provides a very flexible solution for connecting a Picocell BTS into an existing remote hub and then routing signals over a satellite connection into a ground station to connectivity for GSM and TETRA. From the EasyFLYSAT with embedded Picocell, the GSM or TETRA traffic is moved into the core of a mobile operator´s network, or in the private hub of Tetra network . The architecture uses the IP link on the satellite which is cheaper than a circuit switched connection. Key application areas: Rural areas – where the aim is to provide coverage to remote locations like villages, rural commercial settlements (such as rubber plantations, mining camps, refugee camps and the like). The requirement here is for an outdoor picocell with large coverage. Oil and gas – where onshore and offshore exploration and production rigs (the former are mobile) require connectivity to support the private communications needs of workers as well as for safety reasons. Disaster Recovery – where the goal is to deploy a GSM coverage in Disinterred areas in order to recovery also on temporary basis (in less than 1h from the arrival on field) the telecommunication network. Temporary GSM Network improvement – Providing good service means always having sufficient capacity available. But avoiding `network busy´ errors during conventions, sport events, large shows, (etc…) is becoming more difficult as usage levels increase, driven by competitive voice tariffs and attractive new data services. Applications: GSM-TETRA bachhauling mobile RSB Emergency and disaster recovery Datacom IP networks

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