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EasyFLYSAT – WIMAX Compact Portable Satellite Terminal The WiMAX terminal integrates the most advanced terrestrial wireless technology into the EasyFLYSAT unit, to interface it with Temix´s EasyLINK units, in 3.5 GHz licensed band or in 5 GHz unlicensed band. In this way the EasyFLYSAT can transmit and/or receive any data to and/or from many EasyLINK situated in remote locations (up to 50 Km). This is the ideal solution when the need is to transmit via satellite data received from many remote locations, and vice versa. Typical application is for building a telecommunication network infrastructure in case of Disaster Recovery. It is available with 75 cm antenna (Ku band) or with 120 cm segmented antenna (Ku or C band), and with MPEG4/MPEG2 over IP as an option. Applications: Emergency and disaster recovery Datacom IP networks Broadcast TV IP-DNSG Webcast corporate

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