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EasyFLYSAT – SP Compact Portable Satellite Terminal The Self Powered is the revolutionary Portable Satellite Terminal entirely autonomous, suited for very extreme applications where energy is not available. The SP terminal includes all the features of EasyFLYSAT family with the addition of a Lithium Polymer Battery Pack, that allows a continuous use up to thirty hours.Furthermore, using the included foldable solar panels, the battery recharge is guaranteed, for continuous operation 7/24. All power parts are lodged in EasyFLYSAT package as in the other EasyFLYSAT versions. It is the perfect system as rapid reaction kit for a ENG Department, for overseas deployment, to give temporary highly efficient communication capabilities to remote sites (up to 2 MBit/s capacity, satellite platform dependent), for Disaster Recovery. It is available with 75 cm antenna only (Ku band), and with MPEG4 over IP as an option. Applications: Datacom IP networks Emergency and disaster recovery Webcast corporate Broadcast TV IP-DNSG

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