Nombre del Producto: Procesadores de Audio AERO.File
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Linear Acoustic AERO.File

AERO.file brings Linear Acoustic multipass scaling, loudness range control, and UPMAX-II® upmixing and downmixing to file-based workflows, without the need for external hardware devices. AERO.file was designed in collaboration with RadiantGrid Technologies, the developer of leading-edge transcoding, transformation, and new media automation service platforms, to deliver best-in-class solutions for loudness and audio control in file-based workflows. It´s the first of several new solutions addressing this goal. AERO.file uses RadiantGrid transwrapping functionality to pass through video streams of any type while separately performing audio functions via the AERO.qc Loudness Correction module (a software version of the AERO.qc hardware product). The triple-pass approach enabled by working in the software domain guarantees the loudness target can be met independent of other processing choices and preserves the quality of the original content. Options include: * Multichannel audio track management * Dolby® E encoding/decoding * HA (High Availability) Manager.

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